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For almost sixty years we’ve been shaping the built environment throughout Australia and South East Asia in Structural, Civil, Traffic and Facade engineering.

Our business relies on the intelligence, creativity and honesty of our people to create great designs by forming an open relationships with the client, architect and builder.

We train our staff to look at a problem from a different perspective, to see the big picture, to understand and articulate the desired vision for the project. Only then do we put our technical minds to work, to find solutions to complex problems. We harness the power of simplicity and collaboration, which has led us to work on many iconic and award winning projects around the globe.

Our Expertise

We have a strong reputation and proven ability to produce innovative, cost effective and elegant solutions for the public and private sector. We are known for our appreciation of architecture, our understanding of buildability and the importance of economical designs.


Gama Tower


Valued at US$110m Gama Tower is an icon of the Jakarta skyline, Indonesia’s capital city. Standing at over 285.5 metres and 64 above-ground stories, Gama Tower is unmissable and presently the tallest building in Indonesia. The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) has released it’s annual report and announced the Gama Tower being the Tallest in Jakarta and Indonesia but also the 14th Tallest in the world for 2016.

The Westin Jakarta offers the best hotel room views in the city with commercial/offices below and a ballroom in the podium. TTW provided the building with a pile-less raft foundation, and devised innovative solutions to meet wind tunnel demands and other concerns associated with high-rise construction such as differential column shortening.

Darmo Hill


The 39-storey apartment tower with 3 basements and a retail/entertainment podium is a striking development set to dominate the Surabaya Skyline. The Darmo Hill designs contain various green features including use of natural ventilation, a landscaped refuge level and engineering systems such as rainwater recycling and sewage treatment.






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